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LENG presents Batu (UK)

We're pleased to present a cover-free night of deep, hypnotic bass and techno-leaning music featuring Bristol's Batu. Starting with his first two releases on Livity Sound's sister label, Dnuos Ytivil, and Pinch's newer label Cold Recordings, Batu has made a name for himself as a producer with a unique style while drawing familiar bass and techno influences. Since then, he's started his label Timedance, where he's released music by himself, LurkaPloyBruceLaksa UK, and L.SAE. He's also had releases on labels such as TempaHotline Recordings, Mistry, Fringe White -which has focused on his collaborations with Lurka- and has a new release on Hessle Audio. On top of producing and running his Timedancelabel & club nights, Batu is a phenomenal DJ and we can't wait for him to take us on a sonic journey for his Washington, DC debut.

Batu_music (Timedance | Hessle Audio. Bristol)

Local support from:


Jett Chandon (The SpreadLove Project DC | Forecast | LENG)

Djoser (1432R | LENG)

Panch (Blood Frenzy | Classical Trax | LENG)

No cover